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onstructed. Some of them pushed their curiosity to the extent of wanting to examine my rifle, but this I refused to let go out of my hand. My interpreter said that they thought I was very foolish to come among them with only one rifle, so I told him to tell t


hem that this gun was differ

ent from any that they had ever seen before and far more effective than those carried by Arab and Swahil

i traders. This gun, I

explained, could kill six men with one shot, and I told them that I would show them what it would do by firing at a tree.

It happened to 85 be the o

ld Martini-Metford, so, putting in a solid cartridge, I chose a tree that I knew the bullet would


go through

and fired. They immediately rushed in a body to see what damage had been done, and when they found the hole where the bullet had gone in and come out the other side

they were bo

th considerably surprised and impressed. I assured them that that was nothing; if they would examine the side of the mountain beyond they

would find t

hat the bullet had gone right through that as well! I knew that only sheer bluff could bring me safely out of the position in which I had voluntarily


placed myself, and so made the best use of every opportunity that arose of impressing

them. Turning into my hut, I kept awake practically all night, fearin